My favorite Spring look! NYX, MAC and Urban decay

Published May 7, 2012 by Cary


Hey ya’ll, this is my Spring inspired look.  This is one of my favorite looks… it’s not too much but it certainly is bold. The products I used are:



Bare minerals face primer

Bare Minerals foundation

MAC peaches powder blush


Urban decay eye shadow primer

Urban decay delinquent glide-on shadow pencil

MAC loose pigment eye shadow GRAPE

MAC loose pigment eye shadow Bright Fuchsia

MAC loose pigment eye shadow helium

MAC fluidline blacktrack

Bad gal lash mascara



Mary Kay lipstick primer

NYX lip cream color San paolo


First I apply the eye makeup. Primer then I used the glide on urban decay shadow pencil to glide-on the top of the eye lids. once I did that on both eyes I used a brush to blend it in to not have that weird looking streak above the eyelid.

I then took the MAC loose pigment grape and put it over the shadow pencil on both eyes blending it in with the same brush i used to blend the shadow pencil.

Then I used a different brush to put on the Bright Fuchsia right about the purple. I blended it with a new brush as to not get more purple on the fuchsia than I wanted.

Above that crease I used the helium eye shadow from MAC to the eyebrow line.

I got a clean buffer brush and just blended everything together softly….

I used an eyeliner brush with the fluidline blacktrack from MAC and drew the line as close to the lid as I could. I then went and did the same to the bottom. To finish the look I used the same Urban decay shadow pencil (the purple one) and went over the bottom of the outer bottom lid. I put on the mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

I finished the entire look off by putting on the foundation, blush and lip cream.

I’ve added the pictures on here for you to see. Enjoy! x0x0



Published May 4, 2012 by Cary

Hi ya’ll!

I have to say I am a MAC girl. I’ve used MAC for a number of years and just recently is when I’ve ventured out to different types of brands.

Lots of people ask me how I get my makeup to look so good… here’s a tip… PRIMER PRIMER PRIMER..

If you are not into spending extra money for eye shadow primers or having to just put them on the MAC paint pots are perfect for you


I own

Painterly- matte color, like a light beige
Bare study- shiny pearl
Indianwood- gold/brown metallic

Pros- they glide on SMOOTH…

as soon as they go on they set and dry.

Not a sticky dry, it sets as a powder dry.

Stays all day.

No creasing or smudging and can be used as an eye shadow primer.

Last a long time.


hard for pigmented loose eye shadow to stick at times.

Not super easy to blend

A little pricey for some $17.50 per pot (IMO it’s worth the money)

I would definitley recommend these to anyone. My favorite is the Indianwood it’s like a shiny dark gold/metallic color. The painterly is a very matte color no glitter. can be used as a good base. Bare study is like a pearl shiny white.

I’ve added a swatch picture…. from left to right (painterly, bare study and indianwood)Image

Urban Decay Cosmetics

Published May 3, 2012 by Cary

Hi there ladies 🙂

Recently I purchase some urban decay products. I’ve decided to try other makeup products and not just M.A.C.. even though I love M.A.C but I wanted to expand my knowledge 😉

Here are my reviews of some of the items I’ve purchased from Urban Decay (I’ve attached a photo of swatches from the shadow pencil)


All I have to say was wow!

Pros- they glide on smooth, after 5 seconds of it being on the skin they dried up quickly and even after rigorously rubbing them, they did not smudge. they look wonderful. The more loud of the bunch is the blue which is VERY glittery and then the purple. They are all loud colors but the lighter browns are more subdued.

Cons- they are small…. since i really like these I wish they were larger.

All in all I give it 5/5 Love them!



Pros- Arrived quickly, beautiful colors, Very vibrant colors. The brush works well and doesn’t hold on to excess eye shadow. The neutrals are very nice and work well in combination with the darker colors.

Cons- most of the colors in the palette are VERY shiny not very many matte colors. So if you are a bold type of gal like me then you’ll wear them anywhere and no exactly how to pair it correctly without having to look too exotic. When you use the brush to get the color be careful not to “rub” too hard because a lot of it comes out.

All in all it’s a great palette. Very nice colors and with the urban decay primer it stays all day without creasing!
I would buy the naked 2 next time around.

More to come! I’ll try to put up photos of makeup and maybe do some tutorials. Enjoy!

Swatches of the shadow pencils.

Hello world!

Published April 30, 2012 by Cary

Hi guys, this is my attempt and sharing a little of what I know by trial and error on different things. I get asked a lot about my makeup, hair, clothes, shoes etc and hopefully my reviews and little tips and tricks can help you 🙂